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CCCBarrio, M2 galería, Poble-Sec, Barcelona

18 de Julio 2013

CANTO was a project born around the M2 Gallery's call 2013, as part of the CCCBarrio activities. The aim of the project was to produce from the survivor block of Purisima Concepcion, in Poble Sec, a poetic act, an act which could establish and inaugurate a tradition, even on the edge of ruin.Canto was born from an utopia: inviting the neighbors to share songs from their balconies.

CANTO is a project conceived collectively where authorship has been dissolved. An invitation has no power, but rather is a wait, a public opening.

CANTO is an action, and as such happens through the solidarity of its context. Its future depends, it is suspended, from the live of others.

CANTO was an invitation waiting to constitute a real public space, which arises between bodies, between the bodies own insanity in their absent and alienating daily lives.

CANTO was, still is, a call to the possibility and the power of the remnant,

of the leftover.

An event.

Canto was performed at the CCCBarrioon July 18th, at 20 hrs. 


Photographies: Diego Sotelo

                           Lorena Cabral

                           Ana Rossi

Vecinos Purisima Concepcion

Abib - CCCBarrio

Lucía Egaña - M2 Galería

Verónica Lahitte

Christelle Faucoulanche

Lorena Cabral

Diego Sotelo

Ana Rossi

CANTO, 12 min.
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